Zuckerberg Wanted Facebook Employees to Work on The Chan Zuckerberg Project

  • Zuckerberg disclosed in a February 2016 board meeting that he  wanted Facebook employees to “undertake joint projects” with The Chan Zuckerberg Project
  • This information comes from recently released court documents, made public from a lawsuit opposing the company’s original plan of issue new non-voting shares of stock
  • The non-voting shares were intended to allow Zuckerberg to sell his shares to fund The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative while not losing voting control, even if Zuckerberg were to hold public office
  • Zuckerberg plans to sell $12 billion worth of stock over the next 18 months to fund The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Marc Andreessen ultimately let Zuckerberg know that the board did support the joint project work between the two companies